Sunday, May 10, 2009

Plaque Attack - Atari 2600

There were alot of games about food on the Atari. This one took its roots from Space Invaders, or Galaga. You were a tube of tooth paste and had to protect your top and bottom teeth from food. So you could switch from shooting down to up. That was different for the times, normally you just shoot one direction. Also, you weren't on a track, so you could move all over the playing field, again, different from the norm.

So what happens here? If the food touches your teeth, then your teeth disappear until you are left with a mouth full of gums. For some reason, if you do well and get a certain score, then your teeth will grow back. Teeth can do that? grow back?...are they like toenails?!

Also if you are a crappy shot with your tube of toothpaste, you could run out of ammo(toothpaste). The you just watch has the food dissolve all your teeth. What kind of food are we talking about here. Well, you've guessed it...HAMBURGERS. The ROOT(hehe) of all evil, there are also, hot dogs, candy canes, lollipops and a few others. I don't ever remember Mom saying, "Darryl, if you eat too many hamburgers your teeth will fall out!"

Eh!..I enjoyed this a bit, the thing was, once you rolled the game, it didn't become fun anymore. The food just moved too fast and it all came down to firing wildly and lots of dumb luck. That sorta takes the fun outta the game. It was alright if I wanted a variation of Space Invaders. This game as well, also had a send in your score and get a badge to show off to all your geeky friends.I don't know how many of the Atari games had this, was it all of them?..I don't know.Any who, its a alright game.



Loner Gamer said...

Interesting game... I mean, it's more personal than Space Invaders because your teeth are at stake here and you want to be able to chew properly all the way into your senior years...

Blake said...