Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Food Based Games

Well that pretty much rounds it up for games that I played that involved food. I did play cooking mama, but I am not going to review that again.Clickpacroid.blogspot.com/2008/09/cooking-mama-2-dinner-with-friends.html to see what I thought of that. There were other games that had food elements in them, such has power ups or mini games. But nothing worth mentioning in any particular form.

But there are still a handful of games that I haven't played that do invole food themes. Some I wouldn't mind playing, others I couldn't be bothered with. Go to any of the fine review games sites for those particular reviews.

I was particular disappointed with Hells kitchen review, comparing it to a low budget web game. That's sad, even if he called me a"U stupid Donkey" not just Donkey or"you fucking Donut", that alone would sell the game for me, more cursing.

Its way too quite in this game. More Yelling!!!There should be pots and pans flying across the screen that you have to dodge has you cook. Now, its starting to get interesting.

There's even games that teach u to cook for the Nintendo DS. I want a game where it teaches kids to wipe their own ass. That's a great game.

Yes, that's just what I want when I was 5, "MOM, MOM, lets use the Atari to make Kung pow Chicken, can we mom, I just love my Chicken when its been Kunged Powed!!!"

The an Oliver game, never heard of it. Got nothing good to say about it. Trailer looks LAME!!

I found this piece of art online. I would love to play this game. This would be kick ass.
I'm not too sure who the star guys is. IF it was up to me, it be the local place where I grew up. A chicken place called Mary Browns. She could fling shit covered chicken at her opponent

I'm sure I missed games here and there. But if they were good, then I guess I would have mentioned them. I know there are a ton of online web games, such has diner dash being one of the better ones. But I couldn't be bothered with them. With this, I conclude my few post of FOOD BASED GAMES, YAAAAA.


Loner Gamer said...

Personal Trainer: Cooking was not bad at all. It actually encourages someone who can't cook - like me - to actually try cooking real food (though without much success).