Friday, May 15, 2009

Must Have Superhero Games- For ME!

When I was younger, I was really into comic books. Not so much anymore, I will occasionally pick up a hard cover of a series of something, but for the most part, I haven't bought a comic in years. But that's not to say that I don't like comic book characters or stories. In fact I try and collect every movie ever made that was based on comic books. But even I have standards.

I have not and will NOT buy Catwoman or Electra. There's Good Bad, then there's BAD BAD, and both of these are just that, BAD BAD.If someone gave them to me, then I would take it like someone who was just given socks on their birthday." Awww, thanks for the ....for the shouldn't shouldn't.....I would have been happier if you came with nothing."

I don't do the same thing for games. I don't go and get every game based off all the super heroes. Why? well simple really, most of the super hero games are based of the movie counter part. And we all know how the majority of movie games turn out. The last superhero game I played was MK v DC. I guess that wasn't really a superhero only game, so I guess the last I played was Spiderman, Friend or Foe.

There have been a ton of superhero based games that came out since then, Hulk-the movie, Ironman-the movie, Superman-the movie, etc, etc.

But there ARE 3 games that I am really excited about this year that are superhero games. I can safely say that I WILL be getting all 3. These games, in no particular order are:

1)Wolverine:X-men, Origins.
Yes, Its a movie tie in game, but that's about it. From the reviews that I've been reading, this game is really pretty good. The flaws that are mentioned arn't horrible ones, such has, there's nothing new in the gameplay. (which I am fine with that, I don't mind playing a good game that plays the same has God of War)

Can't wait to cut and gut people, which is what Wolverine should be, badass and covered in blood.

2) Batman, Arkham Asylum.
This just looks amazing. The batman from the original animated batman has come back to do the voice. And Mark Hamil, who does a fantastic Joker has come onboard to do ole chuckle head himself. Everything that they shown so far looks and plays amazing. Unless they screw up royally from now till its released, this should be one outstanding game.

3) Marvel-Ultimate Alliance 2- Fusion.
Sheesh, long enough name. Alot of people don't like these Diablo type games. I love them, the mash button and configure your guy to be what you like. I really dig these types of games. The story could suck and I will still enjoy the game play. Also I had a couple of friends working on this game. So I like to see what they did. This time around you get bad guys and good guys playing together. Much like x-men legends 2. Yes, I know that's not the proper art for the game, there's really not much out for these as of yet.

Out of those 3 games, I think my expectations are the lowest for Marvel-Ultimate Alliance 2. The games art and game shots I've seen so far, look very PS2. Nothing I've seen so far showcases the Ps3 or 360 power. It en game may look different from what I last saw, I hope so. But I'm sure I will enjoy all 3 and have a good time. Which is all that matters.


Loner Gamer said...

Arkham Asylum looks promising. The last really great Batman game I played was that one made by Sunsoft for the NES.

I am definitely getting Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 but I sure hope that they didn't dumb-down the game further to make it more accessible. I prefer the robust customizations found in the X-Men Legends series.

Let us know how Wolverine is once you have played it.

Loner Gamer said...

Well, I tried the Wolverine demo on X-Box Live and all I can say is that... It was good O_O; Raven Software rockz.

ShittyShitLips said...

The first thing I saw from Arkham Asylum was the Harley Quinn preview. Yuck! Harley's Red and Black should have stayed, you can't improve on perfection. Excited about Hamil though, best Joker evar! w00t!

Blake said...

Yeah, just trying to get through the last bit of Bioshock on survival mode, so I can start wolverine. Otherwise, I'm gonna get backed up with the amount of games I wanna play.

I already have 3 xbox 360 games that have been sitting on my shelf since Christmas.