Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Burn Zombie Burn - PSN

I was looking for something new to download from the PSN store. Something that you can play for 15-20 min, have a good time and move on. The only thing I don't like about the PSN store, is that there are very few previews of the games that you can buy. So all you can see on the store, is the title and a brief description of the game. I think this is something that they really need to change in the store. I can safely say, that I will NOT buy a game based off a description alone. A little bit of game footage goes along way.

Needless to say I went online to look up some PSN games. The reviews and the video of Burn Zombie Burn, seemed quite interesting. Its essentially Super Smash TV but with Zombies.

This has all the Zombie goodness anyone would want in a little game like this. It has the lawnmower like in the Movie ,"Dead Alive". The chainsaw, like in Evil dead, infact you could say that a few of the weapons are from evil dead, the chainsaw and the boomstick. Tons of weapons offer a great variety of ways to dispatch your enemies. The bat, while really slow, sends your baddies flying towards the screen, much like the old ninja turtle game, Turtles in Time, when they fought Shredder.

One thing that confused me was the select weapon choice. I thought that you could collect weapons and they would be in an inventory, but really what it is, it just replaces the weapon that you have. What the weapon select button does is just shows you were the next weapon is located on the map. duuhhhhh!!!

Anywho, you can set Zombies on fire, they run away from fire, but you get more points when they are on fire and give you better power ups for your bombs. There are numerous zombies types, fast, slow, big, poisons, explosive. What you have to do is survive has long has you can, defeating wave after wave of zombies. Once you get the controls down, its really quite fun.

Best thing about it, is that it has co-op. So you and a friend can see how long you can survive the onslaught on enemies. Which is good, because you can watch each other backs. Bad, that you share lives. So I played with friends this weekend, and I didn't die at all, while my friends used all 3 lives.(Ian and Joe) But again, this can be fixed with getting used to the controls.

My only complaints is that this could have been a great game to play co-op online. Alas, there is no online play, only online leader boards. It also takes sometime to get used to the chaos on the screen, "where am i?" was a big thing with me. The game can be has hard or has easy has you want it. With 3 different modes, survival, protect, and bomb the hell outta that thing mode.

Which makes the trophies half and half. The ones that you can get are relative easy to do. While the harder ones, requires you to play for up to 4 hrs without dieing. That's nuts.

Overall, the game is great to play alone and with friends. A great price($9.99) and it keeps you entertained. I guess its like Left for Dead's little cousin.