Wednesday, April 8, 2009

KillZone2 - Multiplayer - PS3

So I dove into KillZone 2 Multiplayer and that's pretty much all I've been playing for the past week.
My overall feelings about Killzone 2...its ok, but I didn't think it was better or worse than Resistance 2 online. They both have their positives and negatives. But all I'm going to blab about is Killzone's pros and cons.

The game play is just has fun has any other multiplayer, its what they add to it is what makes it different. Here they give you ranks like COD4 and Resistance 2, the higher you go, the more classes you unlock and the more abilities you can unlock along with weapons and point bonuses. Its really good with all those aspects of the game. It really gives you alot to look forward too when playing and adds a great diversity to the overall gameplay.

There are 5 different modes,
1)Body count - which team gets the most kills
2)Assassination - Kill a single person on the opposing team or keep your guy alive.
3)Blow up a another teams base or defend from getting it blown up.
4)Hold and defend- there are 3 different spots on the map, you have to hold and defend from the opposing team.
5) Search and retrieve - Find an item and drop it off at a set location.

Each one of those, whether you are defending or attacking, both can give you a ribbon, which if you get 8 ribbons in each class, you get a medal which unlocks a new ability or bonus of some sort.

That part I particularly like. Some classes are defiantly harder to get your ribbons with than others and eventually you get into a game where the majority of people are just using rockets everywhere.

Its gets pretty easy to rack up kills by setting up in a area where the enemy pours out of a entrance way and shoos a rocket in there and get 2-3 kills with each rocket. But luckily its not just kills that get you points to rank up. Each time you use an ability or do any of the things mention above also gets you points.

So I enjoyed the game play. What I don't like about it is the view friend stats. In resistance 2 I can go in and see anyone of my friends or other players stats, what medals they got, all their info is listed. On killzone (and perhaps I'm an idiot and haven't found it yet..but) all is listed in my friends stats is their rank. They rank 9405 out of 170,059. That's it! I like going into other peoples stats and seeing how my friends are doing. Again, perhaps I'm missing it somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

The other thing which I never encountered before in any online PS3 gaming are game freezes. 2 times that it happened, there was alot of shit happening on screen at once, explosions, people all over the place, shadows, butt load of stuff. Then the game froze, and not just the game, I couldn't turn the system off, nothing. I had to manually flip the switch on the system to get it to restart. This is the first time I had anything like that happen.

The trophies for online, which I don't really agree with. The top 2 trophies are silver, come in the top 3 % of all players for that week and gold, come in the top 1% of all players for that week. How can anyone compete with people who do nothing but play video games all day and night and all weekend long. I play maybe 2-3 hrs a night every 1-2 days. I will never see those trophies.

Which brings up the gripe I have with most online trophies, if I have to compete with online harcore gamers , then I will always lose. I have a better change of going back to resistance 2 and getting 10,000 kills for a gold trophy than coming in the top 1% of all gamers for that week.

Overall, I enjoyed the online, it wasn't spectacular, but I did enjoy it. I think I enjoyed Resistance 2 online a little more, the co-op in Resistance 2 is awesome. On a different note, I am not one of the people who believe that all games need mulitplayer added to them, Dead Space being a great example. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed by either.

Here is a great video basically showing online in a nutshell.


Loner Gamer said...

Those online trophies for the game are horrible. Generally speaking, I enjoy trophies that focus on the core gameplay experience where you don't have to do anything "unusual" to obtain them, while still being difficult to get. I have only played Killzone 2 once after I picked it up and it didn't grab me right away. I'll have to give it a try again soon.