Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gain Ground - Sega Genesis

Haven't posted in a while, been really sick with spinal taps and such. Which is not has entertaining has the band.
But I have managed to play Gain Ground for the Sega Genesis, from the Sega Collection,which I never even heard of when I had my system has a kid, and I thought I heard of most genesis games. But it seem interesting enough to give it a try. I had alot of fun with it.

The game starts out with 4 characters that each have a weapon that can shoot high, medium and low. High of course could shoot people on ledges and roofs and low was on ground and medium, I don't know what the hell medium was for, it couldn't hit the high enemies and it did hit the low enemies, so it was just has well to have high and low and not a medium.

The premise of the game was to make your way through the level either by getting all your guys to the exit or killing all the enemies on the screen in a set amount of time.

I always tried to kill all the guys on the screen. That always was easier than trying to maneuver all your guys into the exit sign. Once you get one guy out, you could select from your next guy and try to get him out. Just kill the enemies, way easier.

Has you go through each level you could rescue more characters that could be added to your team. I think you could have 13 total and there was a good selection of characters to choose from. Each character was different as well, they all moved at different speeds and all had different weapons. Some were obvious better than others.

One thing I didn't like was if you did have a full roster of characters and you went to pick up a new character, I couldn't tell what that new character was, it was just a blob of colors, so if I rescued the new person and got pass the level, when the new round started, I found that the new guy I rescued was a guy who threw boomerangs straight ahead and it pushed out my last guy which was the guy who could shoot missiles in all directions. So once you get a good crew of players, rescuing new characters is a little risky.

There were a few times I rescued a couple characters only to have the new characters replace my more powerful characters. So eventually I stopped rescuing characters when I got a good mix fighters. I didn't have the manual , so perhaps there were pictures of the characters you could rescue and you could tell them apart. So when you do get a good combination, stop rescuing people.

I finished this game in little over an hr, but I did use the save feature that wasn't available for the original system. So after each level, I saved the level. So if I died I just restart the level and didn't have to go back to the start again. If they did have this feature on the original system, I think alot of games would have been super short to finish.This best thing about the game, is that you could play this with a friend, both of you on the screen at the same time. A great feature in any game for its time.

This was a great hidden game. I never heard of it, never seen it before and it was great fun for the hr I played it.

Oh, I should say that I played the game with the sound off, so I didn't really have to listen to the annoying music. This video makes the game seem very lame.


Loner Gamer said...

How could you play a game without listening to the sound lol that would drive me crazy... Still, I would do that playing some horror games sometimes to reduce the shock factor somewhat - I hate myself for doing that though :)

Sorry that you haven't been feeling well. I hope everything is okay since you mentioned LP in your review. It's good to see a new post - I really do enjoy your site a lot.

Blake said...

Thanks,I'm glad you enjoy the site and post on the site, always good to know people visit us.

I really didn't notice playing without sound. What does that say about the game I wonder?!