Thursday, January 8, 2009

HELP! with online Co-op for Resistance 2

So I am really enjoying the online play with Resistance 2. But what I am noticing is that it never really tells you about what your characters can do besides the basics. There is so much that is left to the person to find out on their own, either by talking to other people online or by going onto forums and reading what others are talking about the I figure I give my little help guide for co-op mode to help people playing online.Stuff that if I knew about from the beginning would have cut back on my playing time and leveled up faster and not beat my head over, "how do I do this"

There are 3 classes in co-op. Medic, Spec-Ops, Soldier. You all get points by killing things but this is not the main way to get your XP. One guy could get 156 kills and another guy get 15 kills and the guy with 15 kills would have more XP at the end of the game.Reason.

The Medic levels up by healing people and draining health from enemies. You don't have to kill a thing with the medic and just spend the whole round healing and you could still come out on top with the number one spot of XP.

The Spec-Ops levels up by dropping ammo crates for his teammates. The more ammo he gives to his team, the more XP he gets. But you just can't drop crates of ammo, people have to pick them up for you to get your XP.

The Soldier levels up absorbing damage with his shield. So its good to have a spec-ops behind you giving you shield ammo while you mow down the baddies.The more baddies shooting at your shield the better.

Now these are the main ways that you will see a big difference in your XP score at the end of the round.If you don't use the abilities of your class, then you are guaranteed to come out of a round with 7000-9000Xp has oppose to 30,000-40,000 Xp. So use your classes abilities to level up faster.


The Best Berserk for the Medic is Chloroform, this helps you to level up faster. Its only useful in large groups of enemies. But when you use your leech gun, and activate the berserk, it increases your absorb radius, so instead of just absorbing from 3 baddies, you could absorb from, sheesh I don't know, it seems to be what ever is near the guy you are shooting. So these really helps to level up faster.

The Best Berserk for the Solider is Backlash. Since you get the majority of your XP from baddies shooting your shield. Well this berserk, makes any baddy in the area concentrate all fire on you. So every baddy that is running towards your squad will now focus all their attention on to you. This may seem like a bad way to get XP, but every bullet they fire at you is deflected back at them. So you are getting the Xp from the shoots fired at you and getting XP by the kills that are deflected back.

The Best Berserk for the Spec-Op is Prototype Ammo. Again, you want Berserks that play towards your strengths. This berserk, makes larger and more crates of ammo for your teammates to pick up. So activate and start laying ammo crates.


There's the trophy, "get all intell in co-op" and its a gold trophy. Like me when I first saw this, I thought it was like the single player. You run around and look in all the nooks and crannies and find intell docs. But its not like that. Co-op mode is made up of 8-9 worlds, Chicago, Orick, etc. Each World, I guess is made up of 9-12 levels. All you have to do, is keep playing a world and it loads a new level, which is at random each time and finish the level successfully. Its super easy to do, especially for a gold trophy.


These are the orange rods that everyone crowds around and starts shooting like made to usually open up a new area or deactivate something. Alot of the times, if you have a spec-ops who isn't dropping ammo, then ammo is hard to come by. So to be on the safe side. DON"T SHOOT THESE THINGS!..instead go up to them and melee them. 2 hits for each rod is all it takes. Saves on ammo.


You upgrade all your weapon and ammo by getting Grey tec. You get Grey tec by killing major enemies. I first thought that when you did this, you had to make a mad dash for the Grey tec, because 7 other guys also wanted this, because it is kinda rare to get. But there's no need to run for this. If one person collects it, then the whole team gets it. I like that they did that, but you do have to be in the area that the Grey tec was collected.

So, those are a few things that I find out from my online and offline playing. And yes, the hardcore gamers all know this, but you be damn pressed to find someone who is willing to tell you about it without the onslaught of "NOOOB" comments. And the average gamer who just goes online to have a little gaming fun, doesn't know these things, but these are things that will defiantly improve your game play. Hope these things helps.


Rafe said...

how do u beat a mission. im still stuck in chicago and ive beaten the musuem and the grimms and the constuction yard and the subway tunnel. gotten gray tech to but whenever i try to go orick it says 0 of 10 missions completed. do u have to beat all those places at one sitting.+ i dont have online that sucks. but what do i do? Gunslinger.40

Blake said...

sry, I didn't see your post. I don't even know if you will see this now, months from now.

But, yes, you have to be online to get them. It won't work if you play offline.

Sry, so late with your repose.

Anonymous said...

umm lies i got all the coop trophies offline so ur both wrong...u have to keep playing the same mission like you have died or gotton a mission failied...they have to beat 3 places during one mission then it will say mission complete and u will exit the game. you have to do that 10 times to beat chigao to get to ordick

Blake said...

Lies??..yes, me the mastermind of LIEESSS!, liees I tell you all liessss!! Muahahaahahahaahahaha..

But seriously,this was posted 3 years ago, if you got them offline, than that's great. For me, I didn't know I could get them offline, so I only played online. but knowing you can get them offline, really does help out those who can't get online, great tip sir Anonymous!!