Monday, November 10, 2008


So its been a little over a month now, since I posted the free game giveaway, where the only criteria for entering was, make a comment on that particular post.

And boy was the response for that FREE GAME astounding. We had a TOTAL OF 2......yup 2 people. I think its a great statement how just how great, Sonic the Hedgehog really is. You can't even give crap like that away.

But anywho, a guy from the states, Franklin and Pat who I work with, were the 2 that entered. Pat doesn't even own a PS3, I think he just wants to hold greatness in his hands.

But alas, only one of these guys can win. And in a draw, FRANKLIN won. YAYAAYAYAYAYA, cue Muppet theme song.

YUP, congrats their ole pal. Now, all you have to do to claim your prize, is write me a email. Send it to ******************.

I will remove the email after some time, I don't want my email floating around their for too long. If you haven't gotten back to me a week, Then pat wins. IF pat comes to his senses, then I win...or do I lose.

Anywho, congrats. You got a week from the day of this post.


Franklin said...

Hey Blake, just wanted to let you know that I'm about to send you an e-mail to claim the prize.

Thanks again!

- Franklin