Friday, November 7, 2008

Impossible Mode - Dead Space

Trophies on the PS3 are probable going to drive me mad. Mad in the fact that I have to get them all. Perhaps the novelty where wear off and I won't feel obligated to try and get all the trophies. But in the case of Pain, I'm pretty sure I won't be getting all the trophies. They are nuts. But what I am talking about here, is finishing Dead Space on the Hardest Difficulty, Impossible Mode.

I never play a game on hard, hardest, insane, nightmare, crazy, impossible modes. I really don't see the point of it. For most games, this means, one hit kills and tons of do overs. Fighting a boss for the upmteen time rarely seems like fun to me. But for some reason I felt the need to get all the trophies in Dead Space. Which I did, and boy is it hard. So here is a little help guide for others who are going to attempt this. This will be the PS3 version.

First off, I read online that there is a glitch that one can carry over the military suit to impossible mode, by starting impossible mode right after you finish the game using the military suit. I tried this and it didn't work. So I started out with all the regular stuff that you would start out with at easy, medium and hard.

But what did help, was the down loadable suit specific to the system. In the PS3 case, you get a black suit with blue mask, called the Obsidian suit. When maxed out it gives you 10% armor and 130 sec of air and full item slots. I beat the game using this suit and this suit only. But there is a problem. You can't get this suit until you get to the store for the first time. So you have to be extra careful for the first little while. What I did was run away from everything. I didn't shoot anything.

Once you get the suit, you have some protection. For example, you can get nudged by one of the baddies and live. But you will never survive a full out attack by one, at least not in the early levels. Once you upgrade a bit, you can take maybe 1 or 2 hits, if your lucky.

But what helped the most here, is the stasis field. It freezes enemies, long enough for you to kill them. What I found out,there is a cheat code that refills your stasis meter. The stasis field became my primary weapon. I know its cheating, but what the hell, its IMPOSSIBLE MODE!!!
If you can beat the game without refilling the stasis meter. Then you truly have no life.! The code for the PS3 was, pause the game , then hit, square, triangle, triangle, square, triangle. Use this has many times has you like and it DOES NOT effect you from getting the ,"finishing the game on the hardest difficulty"Trophy.

That being said, by using this code, this does not mean, the game becomes a cake walk. Its still hard has hell. I've done levels 6,7 times over before getting it right.

Some strategies were,

1)Try and keep the enemies in front of you, don't wander out in the middle of a room to fight them. They will ass rape you. Put your back to a corner and let them come to you.

2)Use other means to kill enemies. In areas where there was 1 enemy, I did alot of freezing them and then running up to them and stomping and punching them to death. You need to do this to conserve ammo.

3) Use explosive tanks, and air vents and gravity floors to kill enemies. You don't get much ammo, so always think, whats around me first. Before shooting off your gun.

4)Buy only the plasma gun and the line gun. You don't need any other weapon. Sell all ammo and stasis items.

5) All the money that you get, buy nodes to upgrade your suit first and then your weapons. At level 11, I had both my guns maxed, the suit maxed, and the stasis and Kinesis all maxed out.

6)Watch you money, always save enough to buy a few ammo casings and health. There were 2 incidents that I ran out of ammo and health. You will find out rather quickly that if you rely on ammo too much, you will be out of it, just has fast.

Other than that, there's not much more I can tell you. I died alot by having things pop up behind me and me not being aware they were there. And I died alot in the room where fire is shooting up the hall and you had to use your kinesis to move a big steel cylinder to block the fire while you shot energy connectors. That was a tough one. But for the most part, take your time, think out your attack plan and you should slowly but surely make your way to the end.

Now I only have to beat the game using only the plasma gun and I will have my first Platinum Trophy.