Sunday, September 21, 2008

A MegaMan Post

In the past month Megamans 1&2 both made their way to the Wii's Virtual Console to get everybody excited for MegaMan 9. Megaman 1 was okay but MegaMan 2 was really fun! But the better part of these games are the crappy box art. Especially for MegaMan 1:

I wonder if Capcom hired some homeless person to do this cover. I also wonder what Megaman would have looked like if he were designed after this cover:

Jumping would look like this:

The Megaman 2 boxart was a bit better but the artist made him look nothing like he does on the game:
This would've sucked:
Here's hoping MegaMan 3 comes to the virtual console soon!

Other weird/fun megaman stuff on the web:

And of course... the gay crashman song:


Blake said...

where you find stuff like this?!

Josh Rodgers said...

haha Idunno. Just searching for megaman stuff you come up with all kinds of craziness. Some of the artwork I saw.... some things you can't unsee.

Franklin said...

Mega Man 9 is out on the Virtual Console now! Search around and check out the box art for it... Capcom decided to stick with the weird yet awesomely awful covers trend!

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Franklin Keane