Monday, September 22, 2008

MegaMan 9 Review!

MegaMan 9 just arrived on the Wii's "Wiiware" and it's well worth the $10! This is by far the best MegaMan game to come out in years, and the best "wii-ware" game to hit the Nintendo Wii so far. It just seems to have everything right about it - Bad 8-bit graphics, NES soundtrack, and a friggin hard difficulty.

The story is a bit crap but the rest of the game is enjoyable. They went back to Megaman 2's roots taking out the charge shot and sliding from later installments of the game.... this is a good thing. Also added is a "store" where you can purchase power-ups and all kinds of goodies just to help you along, and it's needed! Another great feature for freaks is the time-attack mode, and challenges to unlock... but you'd have to be insane to go for some of them (not firing your mega-buster, not getting hit etc etc)
There's a section for future downloadable content as well that seems good and a leaderboard where you can see some people who play way too many games.
Did I mention the game is hard? I found myself swearing and playing levels over and over but swearing in a good way. I didn't mind playing levels over, in fact the game is too much fun to really care about that.
In closing get this game! 9/10
If you'd like to know the boss order look below:
Boss - Weakness
Galaxy Man - Concrete Shot
Jewel Man - Black Hole Bomb
Plug Man - Jewel Satellite
Tornado Man - Plug Ball
Magma Man - Tornado Blow
Hornet Man - Magma Bazooka
Splash Woman - Hornet Chase
Concrete Man - Laser Trident


Blake said...

Can I get this for the ps3 network?

Josh Rodgers said...

Yes! But it comes out on sept 25th (this Thursday)