Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare- PS3

This game has been out for quite a while now. Everyone who I talked too said that I should get it, its a great game. Mind you now, all the people who were telling me to get it, all played it on XBOX 360. And because the game has been out for while, I was waiting for the price to drop so I could get it at a steal. But it never did, so I broke down and picked it up for full price, $59.99.

This one is going to be pretty short, just like the game. Its your standard First Person Shooter that is set up in modern times. So you get all the weapons of today. Personally, I perfer the WW1 and 2 weapons. I like the rifles and all that. You can pick up any weapon in the game that the enemy has dropped. Unlike some games, (turok, Resistance) you don't get to keep the weapons you pick up. If you pick something up, then it replaces the one that you currently have. But I didn't mind that, just food for thought.

The single player mission IS friggin awesome.! The flying in the plane overhead raining down shells and basically giving artillery cover for your troops, was my favourite part. But that doesn't mean the rest wasn't has good. It was ALL good, it was great. I don't have anything bad to say about the gameplay of Call of Duty 4. was short, it was super short.

Which brings us to the next point. This game was made primarily has a Online Mulitplayer game. Which is ok, but if you don't play online very much, like me. Then paying $59.99 is a waste of money. I felt like I got $20.00 worth of gameplay out of it. The rest is online. But if you are a big online mulitplayer, then this is the game for you. It has rankings and upgrades, Experience points to next level. Everything and more that one would want from a online game.

Which takes us to the last point. XBOX 360 has an achievement list for the single player and online player. PS3, doesn't have squat, not even the trophies which the PS network is raving on about. So put out some fucking games that have trophies in them. Anywho, going back and playing the single player mission again in the PS3 version doesn't offer that satisfaction of ,"Kill 3 guys with one grenade" achievement. If I go back and play the PS3 version, the only thing that I can attempt to do is time trials. I hate fucking time trails on any game. So having it in the PS3 version, is a slap in the face.

So overall, I feel that the ps3 version, although probable plays just has well and looks just has great has the xbox version. It doesn't have the unlock achievement list, and for me, I like trying to unlock achievements. Awhile back I purchased a game online called Stardust HD, and it was one of the first games to offer trophies for the ps3. And the trophies were one of the reasons I got the game. Although, the gameplay is great, its short, its geared towards Online and it offers no achievements/trophies. So I must say that I was greatly disappointed by what was offered in the game package.

Gameplay 10/10
Content 3/10