Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lost Planet - PS3

YAYY!. When I first saw this coming out for the XBOX 360 I wanted to play it. Alas, I don't have a 360. Then they announced, almost a year maybe more later that it was coming out for the PS3. I got excited again, yayyy!. They even released a playable demo online. So I jumped on that to get my first taste of LOST PLANET!.

Upon checking out the demo, I found out that it was for multiplayer only. That didn't bother me. I didn't care, I was going to play in a Hoth like environment with Starship trooper type bugs. That was my hope. But there are no bugs in multiplayer, only humans. I guess that will do. I get my first taste of lost planet.

I load up the level and I start pushing buttons to see what does what. X is shoot. O is jump, etc etc. But in my midst of figuring out buttons, a guy on the opposite team took advantage of me standing their and flicking though the buttons to shoot me in the head. BLAH..what ever, I'm just learning , no biggie. I'm killed at least another 2 times while I stand their getting used to the buttons.

After that I figure I better start moving, I take 2 steps and fall down dead. Great!I respawn and attempt to move again, this time I make it 5 steps before a grenade comes flying over a snowbank and lands next to me. BOOM!! Ok, now, time to get serious. I'm better than this (??)

Several attempts to get over snowbanks, latch on to ledges , get into big robots, all ended with me getting blasted to bits. WHat the hell!. This pattern went on for I would say ..15-20 min. Until the very end, I say frig it and run kamikaze into the enemies and shoot and throw everything in a attempt to kill something, anything. So, if I didn't die every 10 secs, then maybe I would have enjoyed my online demo experience with Lost Planet.

So it was with that,I decided not to purchase Lost Planet. But my mind was changed again, when I saw the price and it was 35$. Thats pretty damn cheap for a PS3 game. So I got it. I haven't played it yet, its sorta just sitting there and mocking me. But I'm sure it will be good. So I guess I can't give it a score. BUT..I can give a score of what I think how much fun,"I WILL HAVE". So based on that, mmmmm I think I will have 5 to 6 points of fun outta 10. That way if its better, AWESOME. if not, I won't be disappointed.