Friday, April 18, 2008

Kid Chameleon - Sega Genesis

I got this game the same Christmas that I also got Tazmania. So it was a good year for games, or at least thats what I remember. I remember seeing the commercial for this and really wanting it. And this year, I didn't do what I did other times and hope my parents would pick up on the hints for what game I wanted. I outright said, "THIS ONE PLEASE". And yayy, I got it.

I don't know how many people have done this, maybe its only people who can really be called gamers. But do you know what I mean when I say, "I played until my eyes hurt". Now I didn't finish this game the first day I got it the first time outta the case. There were many sessions of swearing and throwing the controller until I became adept enough to really get far into the levels. But the day that I did finish it, I started it late morning and I finished the game around 10:00 that same night. I play, pause the game and eat,( learned my lesson from Simon's Quest, when mom calls food, you leave and eat food) go back and play, go pee, play some more. Stop to rub my eyes because I feel like I haven't blinked in 2 hrs. Shit my pants for almost dieing and starting the whole thing over a couple of times. And a great sense of relief when it was finally done, not just the satisfaction for finishing a game, but thank the god its done, cause I was tired from looking at the screen.

Well, all of this and I haven't said one thing about the game itself. I posted a commercial to let you see what it really entails, but it was and still is a really fun game. The best thing about it, what I remember telling friends, it was 1800 levels. But what the game doesn't tell you is that you could probable finish the game after 400 levels. But its not really levels, what it is are different scenarios (100 to be exact)woods, swamp, temple etc and each of these hold a X amount of levels of screens. Its still alot. Due to all the warps and different exist on a level. Each one takes you to a different world a different path. I enjoyed that, if I kept dieing on one level, I just go back and take a different path and try that one instead.

The main character was a guy who could get different helmets and get different powers depending on the helmet he was wearing. A samurai , a ghost rider guy in a tank, crazy hockey mask type guy who throws axes are just a few. I think there are around 9 or 10 different helmets you can get. They are all pretty helpful , but has you go through the harder levels, it defiantly helps to have the right helmet for the job, other wise there will be lots of LOUD WORDS and flailing about.

I just recently started playing this game again, and its not like other games of its time, where I turn it on and 15 min later, I am sick of it.. I really enjoy playing this game. .Its fun, the levels are short but there are so many of them that it doesn't seem repetitive. If you've never played this game, I would suggest giving it a try.

A hearty 8/10