Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mystery Quest - NES

What is this game you ask. This is what happens when you let your mom pick out a game for you. So the next time your mom ask you what game do you want for Christmas, don't hope that shes been picking up on all the hints you've been dropping and just come right out and say ,"I want THIS game". This is not the first or the last of odd end games that my parents have picked up for me, But god bless their hearts, they sure do try. Especially for not knowing much about video games. I love them all the same.

Mystery Quest, I thought would be a Link/Mario type game. Excited to play my new game, I plug ahead. My little character guy looks like a crossdresser between Link/Mario , but is he just has cool. The answer is hell no. His weapons are bubbles. He shoots annoying sounding bubbles. And when he finally does upgrade or get the new weapon, he now Arc bubbles. So instead of a straight line, they now arc. Does this help. No. It still takes the same amount of hits to kill the same enemy's, only now, I have to position myself in the right area so my bubbles fall on them. Who the hell thought this was a better weapon that what I just had?!!

Then Further into the game, you get back your straight bubbles . It was if the developer said, "you know, thats doesn't work very well, lets put back in what he was using to begin with". So instead of getting rid of the arc bubble all together, they just leave it in there has a aggravater. Now that you have your straight bubbles back lets all forget the silly nonsense of arc bubbles. But that is just one crazy thing in this game. The other , which was in many games. Falling into water. I was so glad when most of my game characters learned to swim. How many lives have we all lost to falling into water. There should be a disclaimer in the instruction booklet. Warning,"Your Hero can't swim, and will instantly die when he lands in water"..thank you.

At least here you can find rafts that open up underneath you if you do accidentally fall into the water, (although with the gameplay being so frustrating, accidents turn into suicides just to make you feel satisfied) The raft then gives you a chance to recover and jump to a ledge where, oops I didn't make it and fall in the water again. But this time theres no raft, because you can use your raft only once. So make sure you only have ONE falling into water accident.

The game was plagued with bugs and quirks, where if they released the game and I read the booklet and it said, "This game is not finished , you may experience weird shit from time to time, but this is part of the gameplay, adapt and learn". Then I say, this game was awesome, it did what it said it was going to do. Make me nuts!!

This game came out when NES was flooded with weird and horrible games. Every company out there was pumping out shitty games to make a buck and at a time when kids didn't really know the market, what was good, what was bad. There were no reviews for me back then. Every game was a gamble. But I did what I did with all my games. I played through it and scraped my eyes out doing it. Missing ledges, falling, missing items and going all the way back 2-3 times looking for shit I missed because it was in a bush I was suppose to kick or shoot a bubble at.

I couldn't even find game screens for it to post besides this one. I was amazed that there is a video of this game. I don't know how many people even saw or played this game. But there are tons of games like this during that era. But I love my mom for getting it for me. Thanks Mom.



Best Online Casinos said...

Well, this game's not so bad. I've played this game once, but I enjoyed it. I got a little bored, though. hhehehe! :)

Anonymous said...

I had this game when I was a kid and it was a big pile of Sh!$. One of the worst video games. I wish the Angry Video Game Nerd would review it

Blake said...

Yeah, this would be a good game for the nerd, even if lordkat gave it a play through. The bugs along should count for difficulty.

Daniel said...

glad someone review this game. I hated it as a child.

I talked about it on another forum

Blake said...

Cool, I shall check it out.

The Blue Rose said...

I was five when I got my NES. My mom, thank the Elder Gods, learned three important words between 1985-1990. "Mario", "Zelda" and "Tetris". It got to the point where I didn't even have to ask! The second a new Mario or Zelda game was announced she was first in line at Toys"R"Us preordering it. She rarely bought me any game without asking me if I was interested. She gambled with "Crusin' USA" buying it without my knowledge for Christmas but she never failed me. In fact she damn near ran me over at a Toys"R"Us trying to secure me a GBC! That woman may not have really liked games but her devotion to see me have them was really something!