Monday, April 7, 2008

Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest - NES

What made me want this game. I tell you what, that stupid Nintendo Power Hour cartoon.Where Simon Belmont was a blithering idiot and Megaman sounds like he has been smoking since he was 2. Kid Icarus was a kid in puberty and some lame ass main character guy that was always fighting MotherBrain, who sounded like that black woman from Gone with the wind. "MUTHA BRAIN DON'T KNOW NUTTIN BOUT BERTHIN NO BABIES MISS SCARLET"

So I must say I was pretty excited when I got this game for my birthday. What I remember most about this game? It was damn hard. It had parts in this game that makes the player go,"How the hell was I suppose to figure that out" One prime example would be the item holy water. Holy water apparently in Simon's world not only slay the dead, but burn through stone like acid. So if one came to a dead end, you could try and throw holy water around and see if any of the rocks disappear, because not all the rocks burn when touched by acid, I guess only the undead rocks. How do I know which are undead rocks and which ones are heaven rocks. You don't, they all look the same.

So if I wanted too, I could spend the entire game throwing holy water all over the ground until ..ohhh, I found a passage. Because there were quite a few times I came to a dead end, or what am I missing now scenario. Those were the hardest parts of the game. The enemies, you just had to be quick with the D-pad. I look back on these games now and wonder how I beat it when I was 10,11 years old. How?..there was only one way. Do nothing else but play and repeat the game at nauseum until you knew every jump, slash, and duck.
The defining moment for me with Castlevania 2 was when I was at the Boss, I just put all of Dracula's body parts back together and he starts flying around the screen. My pulse is pounding, My ears are ringing, my mother is shouting, "supper time", my fingers fidget for the buttons. I hit him once, twice, and third time...he hits me.., I heal...he swing around again. I hear nothing now except Dracula's laugh and taunts.Then the tv goes blank, My dad stands infront of me holding the TV and Nintendo chords in his hands and says, "your mudder says its supper time, now get out dere and eat ur supper".

What could I do. We had Sweet and sour chicken with cream potatoes for supper. It was good. Its odd what our brain's remember. Anywho, I did get back to the game, a different day and do that all again and finally beat the boss. It ended and I was happy. A Great childhood memory for a great game of its time. Check the video below to see the death of Dracula.



^_^ said...

Sweet blog guys! you wouldn't happen to know if there is a embeddable pacman game out there would you? i'd love one for my site!

ShittyShitLips said...

Dude, I hated Simon on that show! I used to love those games. I actually stopped playing them after I found out what a douche that guy was.