Friday, April 25, 2008

The Uncanny X-MEN - Arcade

The days when you had to leave your house to play games that didn't have the main character 2 blocks high with a block sticking out for its gun. People flocked to the arcades for what felt like at the time, graphics that were almost cartoon like. It was great visuals compounded with sounds and speaking voices. Even Stephen Hawkins voice coming from a game was cool for its time. I remember this game in the arcades and not knowing who the x-men were. But it looked cool has hell and I was willing to spend every quarter I had into it.

For those who don't know, the X-men arcade could have up to 6 people playing all at once, each with a different X-men. Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Dazzler. They all could jump, kick, punch and each had a different super power which was an extension of their mutant powers. Although at the time, it seemed normal to me, but once I found out who the x-men were and what there powers were, I never understood Colossus power in the game. He could power up and radiate a dome around him. This yellow dome could hit people all around him. WHAT!!?? I didn't see a yellow dome in the movie X-men 3, thats probable why it didn't do so well in the theater, if only he could radiate yellow domes then the movie would have done better.

The gameplay was the same for each level. Enemies would flood the screen, you punch your way through the level and even throw the bad guys into one another, thats neat. Then at the end you get to fight a Boss which was one of many X-men enemies. White Queen, Juggernaut, Blob, Pyro, Wendigo and Magneto are the ones that I remember.

The playing curve is what makes this game a monster quarter eater. The first level is pretty tame and any novice gamer can come in enjoy their quarters worth of gameplay. Maybe they can beat the boss on their first or second try. After that, its clear that the game developers said, ok, they had their fun, now we need to make money. So if these monkeys want to see and play the rest of the game, they better have a small bank on their backs. The gameplay gets crazy. I'm dieing every 10-15 secs. Its so crazy later on in the game, that I believe there is no skill required to beat the game. As long has you have the money to keep continuing, you and the Pope can both be playing the game, and if the Pope has more money that you, well, I guess the Pope will be winning.

I've tried to find a port of this game so I can play on my computer, I'm sure that I could find one if I looked hard enough. But Its definitely a game that I remember liking up to a point, after that , I knew I didn't have enough money to see what happens. So for the most part I play a game or two and then watch the other kids sink their quarters in the game and see how far they get. Fun, Hard has hell.


note( Don't be fooled by the video thinking that its easy, if you watch closely you can see that his life bar keeps healing.This does not happen in the game. Its probable moded)