Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SeaQuest - Atari 2600

Wow, this is old. I can't use what I know now to review or talk about this game. So I will let my 6 year old inner child tell this story.

I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas, it was neat. I had a few games for it. I don't know how much Atari games costs, but I do know that I can get a bag of chips and a bar and a bottle or orange crush all for a $1.50. One of my joysticks broke so I got a new one that looked like the flight stick from Airwolf. It has 2 buttons on it. 2!! But it really doesn't matter cause they both did the same thing.

My Dad got me a new game called SeaQuest, you drive around in a sub and you have to pick up these divers before you run out of air. Once you get all of them you surface and move on to the next level. But has you get further into the game, there are sharks and giant guppies and mini bad subs that try to kill you. They get faster and faster with each level and more and more of them come out. AND they are different colors, there is even 2 players. Once I almost got to 200,000 points.

But it was my uncle that was really good at the game. He could get up so far that I couldn't even tell which ones were the bad guys and which was him, because there were so many things on the screen at once and they were all moving so fast. He came up everyday for a whole week to play while I lay sick on the couch watching and mom yelling at me that the tv will burn my sick eyes if I don't let them rest by looking at the inside of my eyelids.

I wasn't allowed to play it very much, because we only had one tv and we had to share with moms soaps and the news in the evening. My mom would tell me to go outside and play when they were watching tv and I couldn't play Atari. Personally I think she rather me play Atari if she knew the alternative was Rock Tag. We should all be dead, but god bless a child's weak throwing arm.

Its a really fun game, much better than ET, I still don't know (WTF) to do in that game. I hope they come out with SeaQuest 2.


Yeah, it was a great childhood memory. To refresh my memories of all these Atari games I picked up Atari Anthologies. Its a great game for old school gamers, if you are in to that sorta thing. Playing seaquest again, is fun for about 10 min then I have to move on. But I always look back on my Atari Experiences with fond memories.