Saturday, April 5, 2008

Assassin's Creed- PS3

The Game looks fantastic, the characters, the environment, the style of the game. It runs really well. In regards to looks of a game, its really next gen.

Playing the game, Its just so dang repetitive.You do the same things in every town, climb the towers, save the citizen, ease drop, pick pocket and ruff up a guy for info. Don't forget your two assassin teammates who want you to find their flags and kill their targets.Al of which give you hints about how to kill the city's boss. Did I need the info, not really, for most part, I just did what I did on every level, I climb around the roof tops, kill the archers and drop down next to the guy and stab him. Now repeat this for every city but with an original and somewhat entertaining plot.

I was honestly bored playing the game and couldn't wait for it to be over. I really enjoyed the killing parts, they were well put together and entertaining.

But I felt that this world was so huge and there was nothing to do in it, besides find hidden flags and templars.I went out and bought the strategy guide so I could find all the flags. I had to stop doing that because I found that is was worthless. Unlike GTA's where you are rewarded for finding all the hidden items. The PS3 rewards me with nothing. I didn't feel the need to find them all.

If this games an idea of what a game can look like and feel and movement, then they get a 10, but for content of a game I give it a 5 maybe a 4. I know there are people that like this game and give it high numbers, but its just so dang repetitive.

Overall , I was disappointed with the game. But it does excel in certain areas, but looking pretty is not enough for games theses days....


Written By: Darryl