Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Super Metroid

Ahhhh time for me to explain my favorite game.

Super Metroid was kick ass! It had a variety of different levels such as a haunted ship, an "Aliens" type level, and a level that I can only describe as Hell (just to name a few.)

The power-ups were great and the game play itself was really smooth. Also the monsters looked really good even for the 16-bit graphics at the time. I still think they look pretty sweet!

Now the game itself just came out on the virtual console on the Wii. If you don't have this game or have never played this game, get it, love it, and then try to speed run this sucker to get the bathing suit ending which isn't that great at all. (sorry fellas)

See.... looks like a dude in drag. But the game still rocks!
The music for this game was also something that was really good (given the lack of memory size on the cartridge.) It was eerie, moody and exciting when it needed to be all in the right places. It also has the metal band Stemage doing covers of all the songs under the name Metroid Metal.

Now if you're way to cheap and/or can't bother playing through this game I found a speed-run on youtube, but I really recommend playing it yourself for the full experience.