Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Origin of PAC

Myself (Blake) and Josh created a blog devoted to all things video games. A blog where we can rant and praise video games alike, spanning all consoles and throughout the ages. Legit and often crazy reviews of games we liked or thought would work better has door stops.

The title of the blog is an amalgamation of our all time favorite games. Mine being Ms PAC-MAN and Josh's being Super Metroid. So for my first review I thought it be fitting to review Ms Pac-man. You have to look to Josh for Super Metroid, I only every played the NES version. I died and got lost alot.

Why is this old game my all time favorite game. Well, because it can stand the test of time!!..Its a game that I can keep going back to again and again and enjoy it now just has much as I did when I was a kid. Now I know there are a ton of games that look and play better than this one, but for me, it was a great then and I still love it now.

It was way better than pac-man for the main reason, it had levels, levels that looked different. My gosh, what a premise. They weren't just the same level with a different color, they were built different, different mazes. It was great. Each level had its own unique fruit or food item that would prance across the screen enticing you to leave your dot eating ways and run after it and risk getting caught by the stupid ghost.

Of course the levels got faster and alot harder the further you got into the game. And instead of saying you got 300,000 points you can say, "I made it to the pretzel level!".....And there is another reason why I keep going back to this game. Its been around for years and I have never rolled Ms Pac-man. That means, in the old days, you could reach the end of the game, and it would start from the beginning again. I've never seen the end of Ms Pac-man. IT even has a story for cryin out loud. How many games back then had story's. I GOT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO MS PAC-MAN!!

Its a game that I always go back too, between the PS3 and X-boxes, its some great nostalgia.
And there you have, my first review. Keep coming back and we shall be updating this often. Read and enjoy.


Nikki said...

Nice job guys! I like it! Two thumbs up, and I can't wait for "worst games ever".