Saturday, August 24, 2013

First time luck.

I hate this! Does this happen to anyone else?
It happens to me ALL THE TIME with any sort of time trial or race.

I get thrown into the race for the first time.

Things are flying at me, things are shooting at me, passing me,etc. And of course the goal of the thing is to be first. So I go in a blind panic and usually breeze through the thing, making it to the end barely in time.

Then, seeing that I can actually do it, I go back and try doing it better since I know where most things are and what I have to do.

But what always ends up happening is I do continually WORSE every time I try.
I fall off things, in holes, get turned around or stuck, bump into wall, explode, run out of time ...

Each try worse then the previous.

I get madder and madder and in the process worse and worse.

Why? WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYY????!!!!!

I'm doing a jump/run course in Saint'S Row IV and it is making me MAD AS HELL!!!!
I need to go take a walk. :P