Monday, August 19, 2013

Duck Tales - PS3

First off, a confession: I never played the original on the NES. In those days, I had to shell out all the game purchases myself and being in my early teens, I had no other revenue then occasional birthday money. So, any game I purchased had to be a sure thing, which I reserved for Super Mario Bros. Also, we never had cable and I only learned on the late about Duck Tales, when I caught a random episode while on vacation in the U.S.

I don't have to nostalgia associated with it that most people have, which means I have to take the game at it's face value, REMEMBERING that it's an NES game.

And I loved it!!! It brought me back to when I first liked video games.

I've seen many reviews complaining that it's a short game ....
IT'S AN NES GAME!!! They were all short!
I don't know if they were expecting an extended single-player campaign of 12 hours, but knowing what the source is, you can't go complaining about that!

The character animations are stunning. They look like what it would be like to have an interactive animated show. The attention to details is amazing. I can't rave enough about it.
I would get myself eaten by plants or knock on walls on purpose just to see the animations. It totally feels like the cartoon. All the sprites have been lovingly redrawn and animated. Truly impressive the amount of detail they put in them.

The backgrounds are all right. They're not fantastic, but they're serviceable and don't clash with the animations. The designs and render sketches are gorgeous. Too bad that didn't translate into the game.
But where things really fall short visually is in the objects in the game. The gems, chests and animated vehicles. For some reason, they decided to go 3D, which REALLY doesn't match the rest of the visuals. And it just looks like cheap 3D, something a 1st-year animation student would do. I would even go as far as to call it sloppy. It's a shame that it brings everything down a notch.

Having the fully voiced audio is fantastic! Reinforces the feeling of playing an episode even stronger. I felt they added to the strength of the game.

And yes, Webbigail is still 100% annoying.

Most complains I've heard/read about the game are from reviewers that compare it to modern games.
- You have to start back from the beginning if you die!
- The game mechanics are simplistic!
- It's so short!
- There's no depth to the story!!

Umm .... it's an NES game from about 20 years ago. You can't bring those arguments! It's not a sequel. It's an HD remastering. Just take it for what it is, not what you wished it would be. It's not the second coming of Xenu!

In my opinion, I had fun. It looked gorgeous (barring those horrible 3D things) and made me nostaligic for that time. I loved it. :)