Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Plans to Take Over the World...Or Plan B

Well I was out for Canada Day..Yay,us..and everything Beaver related.
Beyond that..I want to sleep all day today, especially with the busy weekend I just had. But something that I need to get done is get rid of some of the backlog of games I have.

I have close to 50-60 games that I haven't played.What I've decided to do (Plan B) is treat it like reading a book. 

Finish one game a week, but before starting. Look up online the average completion time of any game of mine and if it falls between 8-12 hrs. I think I can do that. And if its a shorter PSN game..than I devote the extra time into finishing Fall Out New Vegas.

Being a PLUS member doesn't help either. Hell, the amount of free stuff they give away, is crazy.
So if I just think small..little bit by little bit and I can get through this. I can do this.

Also if you see me online playing, its probably not me. My brother is visiting me for the summer and hes been playing most of my games. So trophy wise, at least I'm getting the trophies.:P


Edward said...

Yeah, make him do the hard work.

Nick Jewell said...

But what about the games that take longer than 12 hours?

Blake said...

@Nick - I'll pick away a game here and there if they go over the 12 hr mark. :)