Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FallOut New Vegas and 75 hrs

Once a year  I get in the mood to play a RPG, but because of my broken brain and wanting to do everything in a game, I have to do everything..every side mission.etc. So RPG's can become time consuming for me and I end up putting hundred plus hrs into a game.

I only play them once a year.. and this time it was FallOut New Vegas. I played Fallout 3 and it was great and picked up Vegas for 20$ so that seemed like a steal. Got in the mood to play it and said to myself that , "ONLY DO THE MAIN MISSION".

So that's what I did, only played missions if I came across them, I didn't go looking for them, I didn't explore. But if I got one..I would do it if it seemed like it was part of the main mission.

That's where the trouble began I suppose, or they did a great job with linking all the missions together. The majority of the missions were pretty well tied to the main quest. They all flowed into one another pretty well. Im sure there were missions that were their own thing that had nothing to do with the main quest. But for me not actively going out to find them all..it was pretty good.

That being said, it took me up to 70 hrs to get near the end. The last 5 hrs was me trying to get the ending I wanted..and failing. I was playing the game as a NCR member and was trying to get the ending that involved them. But no matter what I tried and I restarted check points to try and get that ending, I failed. With 75 hrs in..I was tired of it..I just wanted the game to end and move on to something new.

I said fuck it and finished the game with Mr House. Boooooo. I guess maybe I had to find a side mission that opened up the ending for the NVR, but I have no idea. All I know is I put 75 hrs into a game I would want the ending I worked for that whole time.

AAAAANNND with that New Vegas is done, Thank the hairy jebus balls! Now I can move on to some other games and get rid of some backlog.


Nick Jewell said...

You actually finished New Vegas? You're a better man than I. I didn't get much further than the first time you actually make it to Vegas. I got too overwhelmed with all of the quests and sidequests and exploration and everything and then just couldn't be bothered to figure out what was what.

I'm having that same issue with Skyrim right now, actually...

Blake said...

Yeah, it can get really overwhelming. So much so that alot of the side quest don't reference where you have to go on the map, but just names and places. Half of which I don't recognize.

OH yeah...Julie can be found living in Toms Tavern. Who and Where?...Im luck I can remember the main towns..like VEGAS..let alone the names of places in town. :P