Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dungeon Defenders Thoughts

Another title I got free with Playstation Plus. I wasn't really interested in the game, but it looked decent enough and free. So I thought, eventually I will get around to playing it.

Finally last week, playing co-op locally with my brother I've been able to really get into this game.After many hrs of play, the one thing that stands out is that the characters are unbalanced. This game is meant to be played by 4 people, online or locally with split screen. Currently is just me and my brother playing locally.

But each person gets to choose 1 of 4 characters. A Mage, Fighter, Hunter, and Monk. The game list these characters as easy -Mage medium-Fighter veteran-Hunter - Hard - Monk. I guess to let you know, that using certain characters will make the game more easier or harder depending on who you pick. Weird way to do it..but sure. And what if you have 4 players, and all 4 characters are chosen. Does it do a average??.

I choose a Mage..just because..not because it was easier or harder..but because I wanted to see what he did and how he played. My Brother choose a Monk. Quickly you find out that they each have their own abilities, Towers that you can build that help  you during your fight.

I should mention this is a get build phase, combat phase. Which you build towers, place them in strategic places and then can run around and kill and repair and build extra towers if need be.

But that's where the game falls flat. Cause at the end of the round..I have 84 kills...and my brother as 490 kills. WHY??..cause of Tower selection. Its so one sided that even though we started at the same time..hes 4 levels above me. Which leaves me struggling when fighting monsters.

This is prevalent in the other two characters aswell. The Fighter and Hunter...the game should compliment eachother. But it takes your kills into consideration as XP. Sure you can get points from repairing, picking up items..but its small when compared to kills. He is getting almost 5 times more kills than me.

We can do a level and he will go up 2 levels and I will still be stuck on the same one.

The game characters are very very unbalanced. I have never seen such a varying degree in power in a coop game before. After knowing all the characters, why would anyone want to be the mage or hunter? All you need is the fighter and monk. The other two characters are the Robin to your Batman .

Some may argue that they compliment eachother, weaknesses and such. NOooo, the difference is so tiny, its not even worth it.

That being said, the game is fun..and more fun with more people. But if you are going to play, play the Knight and the Monk.