Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Part of Xbox One Target Audience??

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a 11 year old boy the other day.

He likes games, I like games. He currently owns a xbox 360 where he plays mostly, Call of Duty.
And brings his games around to friends and family to play at their places.

I asked him, "So..did you see the new consoles coming out?"

Boy - "YEAH!!"

Me - " Which one are you more interested in getting?  a PS4 or Xbox One?"

Boy - "The Xbox One"

Me - "Why the Xbox One?"

Boy - "Because its new and its gonna have new stuff"

And that right there ladies and gentlemen is what sells Xbox's. He had no idea about the details of it the new Xbox One. And I'm not a fan boy, please play on what ever system you like. But in this instance I feel I have to inform the people who don't know gaming  consoles about what they are getting themselves into or in this instance..what they aren't getting.

Once I informed him, that you have to have Internet connection to play your console (which his family doesn't have) and that you can't share your games with more than one friend. So pick which family household you want to bring your game...cause if you play it cousins Lenny house who pees himself....hes gonna be your only playing buddy for that game.

Followed by you won't be able to buy bargain bin games anymore. You will have to pay full price every time. Which is hard for families who don't have disposable incomes.

And what makes it even sadder, is that the parents have no clue either.The kid would have asked for it..parents gotten it..then found all these issues and limitations on how they play their games.

The boys response to this.."Just a blank stare" -followed by "Oh". So whether he understood the gravity of the new consoles and wants a Xbox One regardless even without completely understanding what the hooks are. Or it blew his mind...I don't know, lol

A conversation that I thought was very eye opening. But hey..the Xbox One fan base are primarily COD players under 25. And it will still sell well, because...well..gamers complain the most..but still buy it anyway. :P