Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OutLand Review

One of the many games I got from PLUS on the PS3. A game that when I played the demo..I wasn't blown away by anything. But if you like platformers, sure., but I was happy not playing it.

Then when it was released for free on PLUS..sure..I'll play through it. I do enjoy platformers, it was just the style of the game and the set up that didn't interest me..all jungle magic..dark..I just wasn't digging the style they choose.

But none of that is a reflection of if the game is good or bad. It was just a personal preference of mine.

But if you enjoy platformers just a little, then I think any fan of the genre will really enjoy Outland. It reminded me alot of Raymen in regards to difficulty. But this game isn't as hard as Raymen, mainly due to my own impatience.

I played the game as if I was running around with a time limit. Where as the game punishes you for going through like a lunatic.

The main point I think what sets this game apart from others, though I am seeing it more in games lately, such as Guacamole, is that the character can change red and blue to coincide with the background elements. So if you items (unless they are enemies) won't hurt you and same for blue.

Where enemies are treated opposite..if there is a blue enemy, then you have to turn red to defeat it.

Needless to say..the first level makes you feel right at home..great controls, fluid animations. Feels great for a platformer. And after the first level..they dust off their hands and say, "Enough of this pussy ass shit..lets get this thing started"

But again..the only reason this was hard was because I was playing like a guy on speed. Running through everything, not taking my time..not paying attention to patterns. Hell if it wasn't for my brother watching me, a few times I never even saw alot of positions that made the game that much easier.

Not saying that the game is super easy..just that with a speedy play style I was using was not helping. As a result..I died alot and needlessly. Hell even at some points I had to talk out loud to myself, "Stop..wait..turn blue....jump...stop..wait...turn red...."Etc...cause if I left my brain alone..I be turning the wrong color at the wrong time. God there was so many times I died just by stupid stupid mistakes.

Add in Boss battles and powers earned along the way to make going back to areas previously you couldn't get too, and it makes it a very entertaining title.

 I did have fun with the was enjoyable..different. If your a fan of platformers, then you'll have a great time with this game and I even recommend buying it.  The style still doesn't appeal to me..but was a fun way to pass 7 hrs over a week.

Yeah, I'm almost 3 years late to this title..what evs :P