Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shadow Broker in Mass Effect 2

Possibly the coolest sounding character I have ever heard in a game. For the voice, I should clarify that its the alien Yahg in Mass Effect 2that I'm talking about..his voice..not the simulated one that you hear throughout the game. Voiced by Steve Blum, this guy has done a shit tone of voices in games and cartoons.

Not only does he sound badass...he looks it. A powerful looking alien species...he looked like he could rip the shit out of anything. So I was disappointed that the battle became a SMASH!!! I thought it be a little more than widdle his health away. This thing could rip through steel..but stand behind a table and all of sudden,,you found his weakness....he can't move through tables,lol.

At that hurt to see such a powerful character get taken down becuase of the layout of the level. Spoilers!!..yeah..too late now hey?! will be missed.

Like I said, BADASS!!!, All villains need this voice!


Kelli said...

The Yargh are a cool looking species, and I really enjoyed Lair of the Shadow-broker I think that was the best DLC of Mass Effect 2. But you know who I think has the coolest voice of the game...... Thane Krios!!