Friday, March 23, 2012

Gaming Wavering

I guess I've hit a wall with gaming as of late. I have all the time in the world lately to play any and all games...nothing on the foreseen horizon that I want..I can get caught up..but yet..for the past 2 months..I have no interest in playing any of my games.

Instead, I find myself doing other things I once enjoyed..going back to my instruments, drawing more...messing around with my collection, reading, going out and exercising..(when my foot is better -long story) spending time playing with my dogs.

But when I try and sit down and play a game...I just don't want too...and if I do..its always going back to Battlefield 3 because its straightforward..jump in for a match and turn it off.

Its just not games either..its all game related stuff...I don't visit the game sites anymore..I've stopped listening to the gaming podcast (sorry Cane and Rinse and Gameolio) I'm thinking its just a phase?!..but I do enjoy games..just don't have the urge to play them.

Currently, my backlog looks like this. Infamous 2, NHL 12, Fallout New Vegas, Captain America-super soldier, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Sly Cooper Collection, FarCry 2, Twisted Metal and countless DLC titles.

That's alot of games..that's alot of hrs...and I probable have the time now to finish them all in a month, maybe 2 counting the RPG's. But I don't see me starting any of them any time soon.

So we shall see how I feel about all this....Its getting close to summer..warmer weather..I rather be outside than inside as of late.

So if post don't come as often anymore..its becuase of interest is fading. For good?!..don't know..I doubt it....but for now.


Oli said...

Yeah I sometimes do that, I'll be posting everyday and then - BAM! - there'll be a 1 month hole in my blog archive lol. Hope you come back soon! :)

Big D said...

I know what you mean. I have to wonder if it's because a lot of games are so derivative. It's like I can predict exactly what's going to happen and have no desire to play sometimes.

Best thing to do in this situation is take a break I guess. I've been playing a lot of Draw Something on ipod and it's a fun change of pace.