Monday, February 13, 2012

OffLine 1 Month and Counting

Haven't been online gaming in the past month...dealing with morons known as Bell. They tell me one thing and then something else happens...the people on the phone don't pass on information to the installation people...the installation people don't know what the engineering team are doing...dispatch tells them one thing, the phone people tells them another....Its one big giant cluster fuck of a operation they got going on over there.

The only thing that is keeping me with these shenanigans, since all this been happening and they keep pushing back my installation date, is they compensate me by offering me free Internet for a month. So far I am up to 4 free months of Internet.

So that's a good deal, really. But today I am suppose to finally get I have high hopes?!..nope...I expect to get home and find that I still don't have Internet. At which point I call them up and demand more free Internet. Cause its just silly at this point.

Online gamine soon?..I doubt it.


Oli said...

This happened with my ISP, AOL at least 3 times, they would just randomly cancel my internet and when I rang up they knew nothing about it and then we'd get another modem router and the cycle would repeat itself. I hate it when that happens!

Hope you get back online soon! :)

Blake said...

yeah, I had the title wrong...its 1 month...why I thought 3, my brain must be misfiring.