Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today Ez ma berffing day, and the first game I played today was that Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook. I never played a facebook game...and what I am finding is...the game is almost broken without having friends playing the same game.

You need can get them really easy by visiting friends you are playing and also having them gift you items. But if you have to acquirer them by your own means within the game, its downright next to impossible. I mean you go get these items, but it takes forever.

So I am enjoying it..but I am not liking the fact that I need others to be playing it in order for me to enjoy it. Its like playing a multiplayer Online Shooter, such as Battlefield or COD, but when you jump online, there is no one else in the game...just you. What the hell is the point of that?!!

IF they made an option to join random strangers games than that would help move things along...but the chances of anyone on my facebook list playing this game regular is next to nil.

So we shall see. Beyond that...cake and whiskey will be day of celebration.


Oli said...


DJPimpDaddy said...

Happy birthday +1 day. Sorry I don't check this enough.

Go buy yourself something from us.

Blake said...

I did, I got me the batman ARkham city bundle add -on. So now, not only can I be BATMAN...I can be ROBIN..or NIGHTWAING...I"M ROBIN!!...doesn't have the same ring to it.