Monday, February 27, 2012

Angry Birds - On My Phone

I recently downloaded the free version of angry birds on my android phone. This is my first game I ever myself personally downloaded and tried on a phone. I've tried other games on other people's phones, but never seen the appeal of playing games on such tiny screens. Even if it is for a few minutes to pass the time.

I guess I can see the appeal now though....angry birds have replace my reading before bedtime with trying to smash little green pigs....which always results in, "just one more attempt!" Which is followed by, " ohhh, so close...just one more try".

Boy that game is like crack...some levels are so frustrating hard, but once you get it, and its usually by dumb luck..its very satisfying.

My only complaint and this is probable because its the free version, are the constant ads that fill the screen. Every 20 secs a add pops up and obscures part of the screen. Often times hiding what I'm suppose to be looking at.

I tried zooming out, but then the touch sensitivity is so small its hard to make precise shots. I would hope that if I payed money for this, the ads would go away..cause right not, that's really the only complain I have with this version of the game.

Who knows...I might try another game on the phone...bedtimes games before sleep..always fun.

A side note..the sounds remind me of Happy Tree Friends, which alot of people probable arn't aware of, both those little critters and their sounds are pretty cute...but without all the death.

In the mean time, try this NES version version made by flavour machine games.