Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This is What's Wrong with Online - Particularly COD

I play alot of online on the PS3 and I have come across my share of foul mouth players and I usually, block and mute them.

But watching this video just really makes me feel for the average online person who joins in a game and has to put up with people like that. Not the guy who's knifing everyone..hes playing the game normally...but all the sore losers out there. Its downright disheartening.


Jason said...

Maybe i'm just demented but i laughed the entire video. I used to get pissed off like that when my cousins would beat me in Racket Attack or Double Dribble on the NES years ago. I was also like 9 or ten back then. These grown ups who sit around playing COD all year and gettin so mad as if they are getting paid to play need to grow up. The kids on there saying crap need a good old fashion spanking.Oh and gotta love the racists online<-----sarcasm.

Blake said...

I agree that there is a element of humor to the videos..mainly in the fact that these people are getting so upset for dieing. But to hear kids talk like that...where the hell are their parents?!!....If I heard my kid talking like that...he get more than his games taken away...and becuase no one is telling them how they are behaving is wrong...this is a whole generation thats going to grow up thinking that online is the place where one can be a total ass and get away with it.