Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Steam Account Hacked

Got a email this morning saying I have successfully changed my email address for my steam account. I did no such thing...I haven't even played a game on steam in months. So this means that my account got hacked.

I went through the whole process of signing into steam and making a complaint and still no answer back from them.

But in the mean time..I have to head out and change my credit card info...fuck this..after I cancel my card..they can have the steam account. What a load of bullshit.


Edward said...

Gee, man, that sucks!
Good were the times when video games were offline 100% of the time!!

Marcus said...

Very sucky!

I just wanted to pop in though to ask you if it wasn't an email "similar" to this one? -

This one says about password being changed instead, but it is a scam. On scam emails apparently they don't say your Steam username and instead "member" or maybe "user" too. I guess if there's no option to attempt to "fix" things and it's just like "Hey, thanks for the email change!" then it's real and I feel for ya :(.

Marcus said...

Sorry there, just came back because I was thinking about your post again. If it was the case that it WAS a scam email then I think you know what that means. It's much like with any other scam emails online... If you went to a link through the email and input your user information it is now in the spammer database. If you used that email/user and password combination on any other site please change it now!

Sorry for being such a worrier but I've had more than one friend get scammed through a gaming service (Steam, Xbox Live).

Blake said...

YEah, thanks guys..but the email seemed took me to the steam website when I clicked the link...problem now, is its been a day and I have gotten nothing back from them regarding my account being hacked.

Worse, I am in the process of I can't log in at home and probable won't be able to for a couple weeks, until I get settled and internet set up at my new place.

But I do have my credit card canceled and I changed all my passwords on everything else.

I guess that's all I can really do at this point. much.