Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Please ..Drink Responsibly!

Here we have a pic of a controller that was returned by a mother who her son asked her to go out and buy him a controller for his PS3. She came back with a Xbox controller. So there was no lie about it, to her the problem isn't that its a Xbox or PS3....its, it won't connect to his gaming system, Please give me a controller that works with his gaming system.

Is it really that hard to take a interest in your kids activities?!...what does he or she do?..what do they like?..what do they spend alot of their time doing? I like to think that we has parents have the time in a day to poke our noses into our kids lives and see what they are up too.

Life happens and you choose your priorities. You choose one over the body is holding a gun to our heads...unless you work in a gun factory or slave labor...or are held hostage.