Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Before and After - Eagle Eye PS3 Converter

A friend of mine who is not use to playing FPS on consoles was getting pretty upset with getting shot all the time in Battlefield 3. Just because he wasn't use to using the controller, being that he played most FPS on the PC with a mouse and keyboard. So he went out and got a Eagle Eye PS3 converter. Which allows you to hook up a mouse and keyboard to the PS3.

So now, he can play FPS the same way one does on the PC. I was very , VERY interested to see if this really makes any difference what so ever. Was the product accurate, was it precise, did it work like it said it was going to work?

Well before the attachment my friend, usually came next to, if not last place itself. As you can see in the pic, 4 kills , 3 deaths was a good match for him on average playing session with a controller. Give him a mouse and keyboard and his kills jump up to 18.

So with a resounding YES!!! The eagle Eye works and works well. For anyone who isn't comfortable using a controller for FPS. Then the eagle eye attachment is the thing for you. It just doesn't give you a little frikken makes you Rambo of BF3!!

I don't know if I will get one, since I am pretty comfortable playing with a controller, but its great to know that this product exist for people who aren't used to using a controller.