Thursday, January 5, 2012

Battery Life - PS Vita Vs 3DS

A cool little experiment was done to see which handheld system has the longer battery life from full charge. Taking into consideration that all batteries are different, but these are brand new, outta the box.

The PS Vita was playing uncharted(so it was running at its max) with the analog stick taped to one side, so there was motion happening, just not a static screen or pause menu.

The 3DS was playing Zelda with the same above conditions applied.

In the end the PS Vita died after 3 hrs 40 min while the 3DS died after 2 hrs 35 min. Sigh!...In a world where iphones and androids are dominating the market with a much longer battery life. The consoles version of handhelds are not standing up too well to being just that - hand held.

Seeing as most serious gamers will eat through that time in a couple of days, hell, probable in the first day alone. I'm thinking they will have to increase the battery life of these systems.If I have to be attached to a power source all the time, it kinda defeats the purpose of carrying your games with you. It becomes more of a back up, then actual play time.

Who is the winner?! one..the gamers are the losers. I could say that a 3DS can be charge on a 5V USB while a PS Vita can't. This may change..but who knows. Hell, this means that someone can't even play the crappy short ass game Ironman 2 to completion which is only 4 hrs long, before their system dies.

Good luck even try finishing Zelda in under 3 hrs...perhaps handheld gaming is different from what I remember,lol.

Good luck handheld market, but I think I'll pass on both.