Friday, December 2, 2011

Sony's PS Vita Memory Cards - Too Pricey

I'm not much of a hand held gamer, I honestly doubt I will ever even buy the PS Vita. But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in the tech and its games. When it comes to us, the gamers and consumers, prices way heavily on my decision. I'm not your average or typical gamer that buys everything when its first launched or go along with all the hype. I will gladly sit back and wait for the dust to settle before moving in.

One sore spot for me when it comes to the Vita are the memory cards. I don't mind that they have them, but what the hell Sony? You are charging a ridiculous amount for something that is necessary for your system to work. If I bought a Vita tomorrow, I would need the card to access online and start playing.

What's insane is what Sony is charging people for this necessity. So even though the price of the Vita is more than reasonable, when you take into consideration the additional price you need to pay for memory, then it becomes obvious that you are paying more then what they originally said.

The prices go as is
4G SD card - $30 plus tax
8G SD card - $45 plus tax
16G SD card - $70 plus tax
32G SD card - $120 plus tax

Where as I can go and get another brand name 32G SD card from anywhere $28-$33. But Sony won't let us use other SD cards, we are forced to use theirs. Hell, I can buy a 500G external hard drive for $80.

So if you look at it this way, if you get the vita at $250 you can expect to be paying anywhere to $280 to $370. If you are a avid gamer, we all know that 4G's are not going to be enough for your gaming needs.

I did read that Sony is taking a loss with every Vita sold so they have to make their money somewhere. It just seems underhanded that they list a system as low as they did, when really its much higher.

Interested to see how all this plays out.


Oliver M said...

Interesting, I've never been a fan of the PSP and probably never will be. I'm more of a Nintendo DS guy. Those prices are crazy! I wonder how much a decent game would take up on one of the cards.

Blake said...

The graphics on the games look pretty good, so we may be looking at a Gig per game for the high end ones like the uncharted one that's coming out for the Vita.