Friday, December 9, 2011

Back Log Woes

It has been quite some time that I have a back log as big as the one I currently have, and this is just disc based games, not counting the DLC games I have downloaded.

To start with, I have Infamous 2, given to my by cousin. I plan on playing it,its just not something I really want to start right now, especially since its a much bigger game that the last. This will be a problem with most of backlog as well...they are all bigger.

Then I got Batman, Arkham City, holy cow this game is going to eat up my time if its anything like the last one was. I love going through the game and finding all the riddler puzzles and doing all the challenges. Put that into a giant city and were looking at some serious game time here.

I got DeadSpace 2 sent to me in the mail. This one I wouldn't mind starting with, since its been the longest since I played the first one. I don't like that they added MP, but hey, I don't have to play that part of the game to enjoy it.

Then I got NHL 12, which I feel awful about not finishing my career mode in NHL 10. To start up 12 now without finishing 10 just seems wrong. But I haven't touched 10 in over a year, so whats the point.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Love the Lego games, but I just finished Lego Harry Potter a few months ago, I have to give it some time before I start another one.

Sims 3, this seems like a game that's just going to eat up my spare time, much like Minecraft. Build my imaginary home, eat , sleep, talk with friends. hell Its hard enough to find real time to do this stuff, let alone finding game time to live a fake life.

Finally, the game that I am currently playing, BF3 and what keeps me going back are all the unlocks...just one more level to unlock the next perk, the next gun, the next vehicle upgrade, etc. Its very additive, but I guess I have to balance my online time with my offline time.

But I just went through the force unleashed 2 a week ago and I played through it just because my backlog was getting too big and I had to get rid of one of them. And I felt like I was rushed through the game. I played it just for the sake of playing it....where I enjoying going back into levels and finding items and exploring on harder settings. It all felt very rushed and it lessened my game experience because of it. So this is backlog....its all very overwhelming, but like getting into a cold lake, the best way to do is just jump in and get started.


Anonymous said...

Dead Space II, Infamous II then Batman is the order I'd play them in. Batman will definitely take the longest to complete if you plan on getting everything. I didn't mind Dead Space II too much but thought they sort of conflicted personalities with Isaac we came to know in the original Dead Space. Infamous II is super easy to platinum and a fun game in it's own right. The ending just made me upset (not because it was bad). Either way, you'll be having a fun holiday season. :p

Blake said...

I think I will start with Deadspace 2, thanks sir.

Oliver M said...

I'd personally start with Batman because it's the biggest. I do things the other way round lol.

I just realized I never actually pressed 'Follow' on this blog! I follow now :)

Blake said...

lol, thanks sir Oliver. Starting with the biggest first you say?!...Nah, its too late, I've already OCD brain can't go back on itself.