Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Akimi Village - PSN

I think it says something when you play any demo for over an hr and after the demo ends, you want to keep going. That's how I felt when I played the demo for Akimi Village. I guess if I have to compare it to anything...I really don't know what to compare it too. I want to say farmville , but I never played farmville...but I guess this game is what I would assume how farmville plays. But I could totally bout to lunch on this one.

That's beside the point, the point being , its fun. I finished the whole game in 4 days for a total of 14 hrs. Considering I paid $5 bucks for the game and enjoyed myself immensely and didn't want the game to end. The value for the game is well worth it.

The basics of the game is to create a village and restore life to the Gloomy part of a dream state. Trust me, it makes more sense when you hear the story. But besides that...its a balance of creating workers, harvesting resources, making stockpiles, turning resources into usable materials, using those materials to build items/buildings that will enhance your village which removes the gloom.

Whether it be increasing your productivity, happiness, unlocking new land, new buildings. There is so much to do in this game, that in the 14 hrs that I played it, I did not once feel like I was repeating myself or felt like I was grinding in anyway. It was all very gratifying...unlike the the facebook games, where you do something and then sit and wait for 10 hrs.

Its more a balance of resources and man(little glooms) hrs and abilities. Its a different game than I usually play and I loved every min of it. The only downside was that it requires friends to assist in materials and items. So if you have friends, they can send you resources to help build things faster....without friends, it makes using your existing resources a little more tighter and smarter. Also its neat to see other people's towns and help them out.

Currently, there is no one on my friends list who owns the game, so its a lonely little Akimi Village I have :(

In the end, if you want to try something new and well worth your money, give the demo a try. If after you want to keep playing after trying the demo...than this game is for you.


Oliver M said...

Looks like a funny little game. I'll download the demo and check it out. :)

Blake said...

Trying a demo never killed anyone........yet.(que drums...bum bum buuuuuumm)