Monday, November 28, 2011

Galaga DX - PSN

I'm a big fan of the old arcade games made a new with visuals and new gameplay. Pacman DX was amazing and although Galaga DX was made by the same people, it just not quite as good. Its still very entertaining, but doesn't hit the highs of Pacman.

The first thing that really stands out and brings back memories is the music. You hear that little song in the beginning and it all comes back to you.

The game as a new design and look, but you can choose all the different styles that Galaga has been made in the past year are here. Even a Pacman style, with all the enemies being ghost and your ship is Pacman. Its pretty cool.

The play has changed from just being enemies coming in from the top to being able to shoot in all directions. It really adds a new element to a otherwise dull gameplay. The points come pouring in when you get combo's and link your kills in to chains. Hit one thing that sets off another and another, so one shot can wipe out whole hoards of enemies. But you often have only a split second to hit that sweet spot, miss it and you have to do it the hard way.

This really plays an important part with the time trials portions of the game. Where every wave has to be taken out fast. And you mess it up and you won't hit your target.

Overall, I its a very enjoyable Shump, but it doesn't feel as full filling as pacman DX did. I think for fans of the game will enjoy it, but for anyone who didn't grow up in the era of Galaga, then they might want to pass.