Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DCU Free Today!

I don't know about the most of you, but I am super excited about DCU being free to play today. Being my first real and genuine attempt at trying a MMO and on a console, I can't wait to see if this draws me to play more or turns me off with a feeling of,"MMO's arn't for me".

But I don't mind spending $5 on a game to unlock the few extra tidbits. I mean ,the cost of the game alone is $50 plus the $15 a month, so hell! 5 Dollars is nothing.

Don't know how big the install is, I heard 3 Gig, but it may be more. Who knows, but can't wait for tonight to give it a try. Still waiting for BF3 in the mail..so apparently I got time.


The Gameolio Podcast said...

Having fun in DCUO?

Blake said...

Heck, If I can get in. Seems everyone is trying to test it out, which results in the servers having a knipshit and booting me out or not even being able to log on.

So I'll have to get back to you about having fun.