Monday, November 14, 2011

DC Universe Online - What I've Learned So Far

I've mentioned this before, if you have never played a MMO then jumping into one, be aware you are going to banging your head on whats happening and how things flow.

Its not new gamer friendly and honestly," I can see none MMO gamers, trying this once, getting fed up with it and quitting and uninstalling it."

The only thing that kept me there and coming back was the content, its DC Universe. So here are some friendly new timer hints that I wish I knew when starting.

Chat function- Is it broken? does it work? short, it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't and when it does work it sounds like you are riding on a crowded bus going through a tunnel. Don't use it, get use to using the type function.

Legends PVP events 1- All the characters are locked until you talk to either hawkmen or martian man hunter( happens randomly at a certain level) They then give you a item that you must then go to your inventory and click on it to activate it. At which point it says you can play the PVP events...but you can't. You have to wait for a "in game" email from Robin which unlocks his character for the events. This email took 3 days before I got it. Some it happens sooner, even later. So don't worry if you don't get it day 1, give it a week.

Legends PVP events 2 - When you do unlock characters, you Queue up an event. Click on a event, lets say "Batcave" and click accept. Then exit the menu...when your time is up, you will be asked if you want to join the event you queued yourself up for.

Legends PVP events 3 - Buying extra characters. You buy your characters using a difference currency. Currency that you get from playing PVP events. If you lose you get 1 point, if you win you get 2 points. When you have enough, you can go to the War Room in the watch tower(located in the central hub) to spend your points on a new character.

Gotham - Where is Gotham or Metropolis? Gotham's entrance is located in the Tech Wing. Metropolis is located in Magic and Meta Wing.

Email - You have a in game email and you can email money and items to friends. Just type in their screen name.

Items - Many items, just because you collected them, doesn't mean that you get them right away. You have to open them up for them to become active. Much like emails, remember to accept your attachment in emails to claim your prize.

Missions - Remember that after you complete a mission, that you go back into the journal menu and click on the mission you just did to claim the XP and prize items. They will be in the "completed" section of that menu. If they aren't there, it means you have more to do with it.

Defense - R1 is block...use it, it helps.

Camera - I accidentally was messing with the buttons and screwed up my camera. To adjust your camera it, L1 plus the up and down directional buttons.

Talking - Press select to chat.

Costume - Don't forget to lock your costume so that equipping new items doesn't change the look of your character. You can also individual change different aspects of your costume. I love this part of the game.

I'm sure there is more, but these were the most annoying trying to figure out. If anything, its better to start the game with a friend who has already played it, it will save you days of head scratching headaches.

If I had one word of advice to new gamers. Even though its wide open and you can go anywhere and do alot of things. Stick to the path that the game lays our for you. If you follow the path, the game does show you everything. But it happens very slowly.

According to this chart, I fall in a very small percentage for the MMO that I play.