Monday, November 21, 2011

Battlefield 3 - Overall?!? PS3

Seeing as I got this 3 weeks after launch because I ordered it in the mail, like most people who are fans of FPS and this particular series I was super excited to play this title, .

Lets be to the point with this.

Campaign - Its your standard single player campaign. I did wish that the QT events were a little more involved than just 1 button press. Some of them had 2 button presses, but more often I just felt like I was watching a movie, then had to press a button to continue. It didn't feel like it was part of the game and rather just press "X" to continue. I think they easily could have made them a little more involved. In the end, it was Okay, nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. Its what I expected besides the lame QT events.

I went through my first play through on Hard mode and it really is hard. But I found out rather quickly that certain sections of the game if you had your squad with you and your were having a hard time progressing. You could find a safe spot to hide and let them kill everything for you. Now this wasn't the case for all the missions. But more than once I passed a level by sitting back and letting my AI guys do all the work. Not for lack of trying on my part, though. I did try, but on hard mode, you could have a squad of 12 guys but all the enemy AI zero in on me like I'm the friggin plague.

Co-op - Never played it, but most co-op games are always fun. I'm hoping for nothing but good things from co-op mode when I start it.

Multiplayer - Boy!! do they ever got some fixing to do here.

Me and my cousin made a squad in the menu's. Regardless if we joined a game through Quickmatch or through the Browser games. We were met with problems on every single match until we both got fed up with it and quit. What happened was, upon being put into the game. The game either did these things...

1)Split us up from our squad and put us on different teams
2)Split us up from our squad and put us in different squads on the same team.
3) SPlit us up and not put us in any squad

All of which would disable our mics to each other. So even if we did reconnect in a squad, we couldn't hear each other. One time we could hear each other, but we weren't in the same squad and when we left the squads that the game put us in and joined each other, then we couldn't hear each other. Other times, our voices would be broken.

Other times with 3 players, 2 of the guys couldn't hear each other but both could hear me. But upon entering a game, their chat function worked fine while my game had all of is sound cut. It was like the TV went on mute. So I tried to quit to rejoin to fix the sound, but all that did was hard lock the game.

Other times, on 2 separate occasions the game reset all my stats to Zero, so I couldn't select the perks and gadgets I had unlocked. The only way I fixed this was to play an entire round using just my level 1 gear and upon finishing it, I would revert back to my normal level.

Other times I had the tanks "mostly", get stuck in the ground, one time the tank just started spinning around a rock. Other times I would park next to an embankment and the tank would slide around like it was on Ice. Not big hills either, these were little bumps in the road.

Overall, Online is a mess, BUT when it works, its great fun. But right now..I would have to say that BF2 is much better, but based on the fact that BF3 doesn't work half the time. Your okay if you just go online yourself and play, but playing with friends is just a pain in the ass. So I hope they fix it soon.

Overall, I can honestly say without a doubt that BF2 is better, for me that is. Maybe if they fix online, I will change my opinion.

In the video here -This is what happened to me without the tank flying into the air.


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Blake said...

Much needed patch for sure. I'm sure there are more to come. The more I play, the more little things pop up, some big, some small.

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