Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spiderman: Edge of Time Reviews - NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!

Activision does it again with the new Spiderman game, the same thing they did with the X-men Destiny. Where are the reviews?! Heck, Rage was released and reviews were up day 1. But nothing for Spiderman?!?

This just goes to show that Activision is NOT confident in the quality of the games they put out. They are relying on hype alone to push the product and fan fare. Which I admit, they got me with X-men Destiny. But seeing as I didn't purchase a Activision game in over a year, I thought maybe I take a stab at X-men, only to be burned by a shitty game.

Although everything in the previews says that this Spiderman game is going to be the best one yet, doesn't mean squat! They didn't release it early to the reviewers which means they have to take the time to play the game and write about it 3-5 days later. By that point, the game makes sales based on the premise along. People like me who like the comic book genre and games based on them.(not including movie tie-games)

Shame on you Activision, just proving once again, that quality is something that you do not strive for in your games. Selling on hype and deceitful marketing alone.


pmaestro said...

saw the strategy guide in the store when i was picking up gears of war 3 yesterday. it caught my eye, the cover is definitely pretty. but then i remembered Shattered Dimensions. i wasn't a fan of that loose playstyle.

i think spider-man and x-men games peaked at 2004. or somewhere around there with Spider-Man 2 and X-Men Legends 2. those were good times...

Blake said...

They were indeed, its sad to see them slip as they did. Well at least we got Batman, Arkham City to look forward too.