Thursday, October 6, 2011

Should I Go Back For that Plat?!?

Finished X-men Destiny last night, I would write up my thoughts on it, but really; my first impressions is still my final thoughts. So read that, cause it really didn't get any better, infact it got more dull.

Platinum trophies are pretty cool to have, a badge of accomplishment and sense of final and utter completion of a game. But I usually just hunt for trophies in games that I enjoy. Even in a game that I may not like, if the trophy is interesting and challenging to point of being fun, then I will hunt for that final one.

But I have two games now that I am really just a hop skip and a jump from getting the platinum. Those two games are Duke Nukem and X-men Destiny. But holy hell, do I ever not enjoy either of these games enough to go back and get that final platinum.

I'm probably not going back to get that one or two trophies, but at the same time it gets me thinking, I'm so close, I might as well go get it. It be like climbing mount Everest and getting 10 feet from the top and saying," I didn't enjoy this climb enough to finish to the top-because its so dull"

If you were one trophy away from getting a platinum, would you go back and get that one trophy if you didn't enjoy the game? I think I already know what I am going to do, or not going to do, but I just like to hear others opinions on the matter.


Kelli said...

I think you should go back and get the trophies. If you were able to play the whole game, you can get something good out of it :)