Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Battlefield 3 for Me

Battlefield 3 is out and I'm not playing it..why? It's stupid being stupid. It starts with me not pre-ordering games, mainly because the shop that takes per-orders usually give out copies of limited editions to walk-ins if they ask. I've done if for most all games I've gotten their.

But this time because I guess Battlefield 3 is so popular they weren't giving pre-order copies to walk ins. So if I wanted to get the regular edition I could. BUT......But!!...I can get a copy of Battlefield 3 for free in the mail, but it takes up to a week for it to be sent to me, maybe more. But its free!

My thinking was " I did plan on paying full price for the limited edition - But if I am only able to get the regular edition - why pay full price for it when I can get it for free.?"

So that's about it...I will probable be playing Battlefield 3 a week from now, maybe longer. In the mean time I can finish up Dead Island and a couple of my DLC games while I wait.


Anonymous said...

The multiplayer has definitely cleaned up a lot since that (in my opinion; horrible) beta.

The single-player though is definitely not what I expected, and I haven't tried out co-op mode.

Blake said...

Thats great to hear about the MP, cause I too didn't enjoy the beta MP, glad to hear that its better.