Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My 26th Platinum - Lego Starwars - The Clone Wars

What can I say, I enjoy the Lego games, all except the Indiana Jones series( I enjoy the movies). Mainly due to the reason that I like unlocking all the extra characters and playing as them, Iconic characters in a rich universe. Indiana Jones just had way too many of Thug 1, Thug 2 , Thug 35, Thug 46, and so on and so on. The character selection in Indiana Lego is one of the worst, just uninteresting and boring.

This Lego Starwars, well I have to say that it was one of the more disjointed Lego games I've played. In order to collect all the items needed you will have to do alot of leg work. I don't just mean doing the task at hand, I mean, run from point A to B with Character Y, then back to A, switch to character X and now back to B, after which will need to go to point R with Characters E and F to complete it. These arn't the story missions I'm talking about, these are the running around your own ship. Its one of the more convoluted Lego games I've played.

Nothing is as simple as is appears, it just seems "Out of the Way". There were a handful of times that had ONE time events that happen only once in the entire game that makes solving puzzles impossible. For example SPOILER - To collect the final bounty in the bounty hunter missions. You start the mission on a space ship and you have 2min 30 sec to find your bounty. All you have to do is turn around and throw bombs at the glass behind you. The glass cracks and after 5 cracks appear, your bounty appears from the floor.SPOILER END.

This was impossible to do since the ability never used like this anywhere else in the game. Its the sort of deal that your given a list of character each with their own ability, and you cycle through all the abilities, doing them all. EXCEPT this ONE TIME, this character can use his/her ability to do this ONE time thing and then we never use it again. Its frustrating, causing it just purely dumb luck. There is no skill or puzzle solving mentality to find this out, its just dumb luck. How would one have known to do that one thing, its not in the rest of the game?!.. Needless to say, it was very frustrating collecting everything in this game.

Hell, even walkthroughs online when I did use them, left out important information, going on the assumption that you've done task X,Y,Z before doing said task. Its brain racking to say the least.

This has to be the hardest Lego Plat that I've gotten. I enjoy the Lego series and all though I enjoyed the core gameplay that is in all Lego games, overall this one is not one of my favourites. Better than Indiana Lego games for sure, but not as good as the other Starwars Lego's. With that, I got my 26th Platinum.


Anonymous said...

Dear Heavens. Because you really needed more platinums haha. I'm hoping to get one for Dark Souls but it's destroying me.

Blake said...

Wow, good luck to you sir, from what I hear, your going to need it. I do have one friend on my psn list that got the plat for demon souls, he put in alot of hrs to get that one. A try sign of a great trophy hunter.;)

Kelli said...

That is the one thing I don't like about the legos games. I don't know about the legos star wars but in lego pirates of the Caribbean if you don't have a specific character to get the "xtras" you have to wait to unlock the character and then go back in the level.... sorry I love legos its a cool game but I'm not that patient.... I also like how they can create so much expression without words, lol.

Blake said...

Always a good sign of animation to tell a story without words.