Monday, October 31, 2011

Gatling Gears

10$ twin stick shooter on the PSN. I am a sucker for twin stick shooter games, all except that horrible Ghostbusters - Sanctum of Slime game, that was just plain bad.

You can play it with a friend local or online with friends. The visuals and style of the game is amazing, I love the look of the game. Very bright and cartoony.

You control two big battle mechs that have super upgradable powers, 3 to be specific. A gatling gun, missiles and grenades and you can also upgrade your shield 3 times.

You can also unlock new skins, and a special effect that flows behind your mech as you walk, such as fire, leaves, etc. Then you get a animal that follows you around from a fox, crow, etc. All 3 of these are just visual flares that really don't do anything.

The game gets pretty crazy at times much like a SHUMP, with all the bullets and missles flying around on screen. At times I can't tell which bullets are mine and often times there is no way of not getting hit.

I thought I would enjoy this game more than I did, don't get me wrong its fun and I enjoyed playing it in co-op. I just wished the visual unlocks did more than just look pretty, I guess is my only complete.

Fun game, and I will go back to it to clean up some trophies.